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By-Laws and Covenants
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Architectural Guidelines
Before making any exterior improvements/modifications (including roof work and painting) to your home, you must submit the signed Exterior Improvement Application to the Hayden Lakes Committee for review. The application will be returned to you either approved or denied within 30 days of receiving all required information.  If approved, work may commence immediately. If not approved, work may not commence, but you can request a hearing before the committee to explore different options concerning your improvement project.
Please send your completed Exterior Improvement Application to:
America Reyna or Patricia Villarreal
Sterling Association Services
PO Box 38113
Houston, TX 77238
If you have questions concerning the Improvement Application process, please contact America Reyna or Patricia Villarreal, Hayden Lakes Representatives for Sterling ASI, at servicedesk@sterlingasi.com or call Sterling ASI at 832-678-4500.
To down load the  Exterior Improvement Guide in PDF, please click  below:
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